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For more than sixty years we have been...

Crowning Rooms with Elegance

Servicing Contractors with Excellence

Providing Creative Solutions

Taking Care of the Finishing Touches

Going the Extra Mile

Making Rooms Beautiful

Servicing Orillia for over 60 years

Decorative Drywall

Don’t just put up drywall. Crown your room with elegance. Incoporate textured ceilings, rounded corners, crown and cornice moulding, pillars, archways, and other decorative drywall features to enhance the look of your room and add real class.

Creative Drywall Solutions

Leave it to us to tie all the loose ends together. We’ve been handling tough finishing challenges for decades. So, whether it’s preparing for wood or drywall trims or managing challenging transitions, we’ll finish your area perfectly every time.

Complete Drywall Contracting

Whether you’re a contractor or home owner, you can rely on us to provide the professional service you’re looking for. We’ll help you with your new construction or renovation, drywall taping, or drywall repairs and we’ll do it with excellence.

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