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St. Andrew’s

An ambitious restoration project of a beautiful church ceiling in the classical style. Requiring a large crew, scaffolding and the touch of master crafts-persons, Orillia Drywall restored these beautiful arches and ceilings to their former glory.

Obvious signs of aging

Cracks in both paint and plaster

Paint peeling and cracking

A gorgeous vaulted ceiling plagued with paint and plaster cracks, discolouration.

Cracked decorative pieces

Beautifully sculped decorative pieces in need of TLC.

After Pictures

Smooth walls and lines

Care was taken to restore the surfaces and lines to like new while maintaining the rustic art deco look.

Curved lines

With curved arches, any blemish or irregularity would be visible, so extra care was taken to ensure every line was smooth and perfect.

Ceiling repaired and painted

Looking up, patrons now see a beauitfully smooth ceiling with decorative flying butresses.